Price Estimation Tool

This simulation tool allows you to see the breakdown of the initial move-in costs for the room mentioned above.

※This price quotation includes tax. All prices have been rounded up to the nearest yen.
※ A discount will be applied for the "Friend Referral Campaign". For more information, click here.
※ A discount can be applied for returning customer. For more information, click here.
※ The water supply fee is included in the Management fee for our World Neighbors Kiyosumi-Shirakawa , Neighbors Kyotonijo-jo and Neighbors Futakotamagawa property.
※ An extra fee will be required for online payment by International Credit Card. From 8,000yen to 20,000yen depending on the total amount of the initial move-in costs
※About Dual Occupancy:
・Only romantic partner or relatives (parent, child, brother, sister) are allowed to move-in together
・Friends are not allowed to share a room
Additional fee for Dual Occupancy:
・Rent +30,000yen/month
・The total rent will remain the same amount during the contract period, even if the second person moves-out
※ Tax are rounded up the to decimals.
※ This simulation is just for reference. The final amount might differ in some case.